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Saviour of the Wasteland:
Saviour of the wasteland is set in a fantasy post apocalypse world. Ten years ago, the world almost ended when monsters appeared out of nowhere. After a decade hiding in your bunker, it's time to return to the surface and start rebuilding. Face the dangers of the wasteland while getting to know its inhabitants on an intimate level and help rebuild. Become the saviour of the wasteland.

Content Themes Include: 

- Harem
- Masturbation
- Exhibitionism
- Voyeurism
- Futa/dickgirl (optional)
- Oral sex
- Male domination
- Female domination
- Orgasm denial
- Lesbian
- Multiple orgasms
- Latex
- Bondage
- Strap on/pegging (Avoidable)

- And more!


Coming Soon!

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