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Lunar's Chosen:
Lunars Chosen is a fantasy adult game. Enter a world where magic exists and play as one of Lunar's Chosen, navigating the story of this new power you have been given while romancing an array of attractive women and mystical creatures. With twists and turns, plenty of sex and a whole host of kinks to satisfy you, you'll find hours of fun as you uncover this magical world.

Content Themes Include: 

- Harem
- Masturbation
- Exhibitionism
- Voyeurism
- Transformation
- Futa/dickgirl (avoidable)
- Femdom
- Oral sex
- Male domination
- Female domination
- Orgasm denial
- Fingering
- Multiple orgasms
- Pregnancy
- Latex
- Bondage
- Strap on/pegging (Avoidable)
- Fantasy people (Fairies/demons)
- Gender swapping (Avoidable)

- And more!

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